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El Pinar de El Hierro

Description of El Pinar de El Hierro

El Pinar de El Hierro is the island's southernmost municipality, as well as the youngest of the Canarian local institutions. It encompasses an area of 80,66 km², roughly the south half of the former territory of La Frontera, since on september 2007 El Pinar split from it to become an independient entity.

Taibique and Las Casas stretch south of woody forests of Canarian pinetree, that gave name to the municipality. Its economy is based on tradicional activities, like cattle (mostly goats) breeding and fruit growing. 75% of its territory is under protection, including the archaeological site of Los Letreros de El Julán, a set of aboriginal petrogliphs, as well as the remains of a tagoror (the place were the aboriginals held their meetings) and other constructions. Not far from there, Orchilla's Lighthouse was in the past the last place of the known world that the sailors could see before going deep into a little known ocean. In the south, La Restinga, with small beaches attracting tourists in search of stillness and relax. Its dock is the base for ships fishing in the so-called Mar de las Calmas (Sea of Calms), a coast area with the island's best seabed, a paradise for divers. 

Further information

Situation map of the municipality of El Pinar de El Hierro (Canary Islands)
Image of the municipality of El Pinar de El Hierro (Canary Islands)

Symbols of El Pinar de El Hierro


El Pinar became a municipality, independent from La Frontera, in september 2007, thus not having its own symbols. Nevertheless, during the public activities in support of seggregation, people used green flags with a pine cone in the centre. In a leaflet informing of the ceremonies held with occasion of the setting up of the new municipality, this flag was called El Pinar 'customist' flag and was hoisted in the Town Hall for the first time on 15th september 2007. Since then, this flag has been used unofficially.

Coat of arms

Due to its recent creation, the municipality of El Pinar de El Hierro lacks of a coat-of-arms.

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