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La Frontera

Description of La Frontera

Frontera (Spanish meaning "frontier" or "border") is the westernmost municipality in El Hierro. It is situated on the western and the southern coasts of El Hierro. Frontera is one of the two municipalities in population that is larger than the capital including La Palma and is also the largest in population and area. Frontera is linked with the highway that encircles the whole island. The nearest small airport is around the area.

The area is 165.07 km²;/16,507 ha. The elevation is 300 m. The port is located downhill from the municipal seat.

Farmlands dominate the valley areas as well as the coastline, forests dominate the central parts part as well as grasslands and bushes in the highlands, a volcanic cone is located to the east.

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Situaton map of La Frontera (Canary Islands)
Image of La Frontera (Canary Islands)

Symbols of La Frontera


The flag of La Frontera is made up of three vertical stripes of the same width, the first blue, the second white, and the third green. In case the flag bears the municipal coat of arms, this shall be placed in the center of the cloth, with a height of 2/3 the total height of the flag.

The colors are the same of the flag of El Hierro: the blue of the sea, the green of the forest and the white alluding to Our Lady of the Kings.

Order of 30 Sep 2005 (BOC of 10 Oct).

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of La Frontera is per fess and per pale: first, silver, a sabina tree proper, eradicated, its branches bended to the dexter; second, azure, a lighthouse of silver masoned sable, with light beans issuing from its upper part; third, or, two lizzards proper in pale. Under the shield, ribbon of silver with the motto "Occidente" sable. Ensigned with a closed Royal crown. 

The sabina is the most representative tree of El Hierro, and in the heights of La Frontera there are big specimens spectacularly bended by the wind. The lighthouse is that of Orchilla, Spain's westernmost place, point of reference of the 0 Meridian until the adoption of that of Greenwich. The motto Occidente alludes to the same fact. The lizzards represent the giant species living in the Roques de Salmor, in the municipality's territory, endemic of the island.

Order of 18 Dec 1995 (BOC of 10 Jan 1996).

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