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Description of Arico

Arico is a municipality located on south-east Tenerife, between the mountainous region of Agache and a narrow coastal area. Three villages with the same name, Arico el Viejo, Arico el Nuevo and Villa de Arico, share its territory.

The municipality has an area of 178,75 km2 and the capital is 525 meters bove the sea level.

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Situaton map of Arico (Canary Islands)
Image of Arico (Canary Islands)

Symbols of Arico


The flag of Arico is a blue cloth with a green vertical stripe to the hoist, with a width of one third of the total. In its centre, the municipal coat of arms.

The colours represent the main tinctures of the arms, as well as mountains and agriculture (green) and the coast and fishing (blue).

Order of 4 Oct 2005 (BOC of 13 Oct).

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Arico are per fess. First, sinople, a beehive or. Second, azure, an anchor argent. Bordure argent, with four plows. Ensigned with royal crown, closed.

The beehive represents the apiculture, an activity of great importance in the municipality; the anchor symbolizes the coasts and beaches, and the plows make reference to the origin of the name of Arico, since ‘aricar’ means to plow the land very superficially.

Order of 22 My 1985 (BOC of 14 June).

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